Monday, May 17, 2010

A blanket fit for a "Princess"

My daughter, Eva, keeps an eye on what my husband and I are up to. She knows about our etsy shops and often I find her announcing something in the middle of playing that makes me see how much she pays attention. (She was folding up some papers and I asked what she was doing. Her response: "I have a few orders that I need to get out in the mail- STAT!")

My husband makes welded horseshoe hooks and letters... she has been requesting a letter "E" in pink for a few weeks now! He will make her a letter of her own very soon I am sure, its the whole pink part that might be slowing him down. Don't think he has that one in stock. So, she has turned her custom request efforts on me!

"Mommy..." (Puppy-dog-eyed voice tone) "Can you make me my own special blanket to take to school?!". Who can resist such a flattering request. Eva and I went to the fabric store with her little brother in tow to select the perfect fabric. She browsed the isle this time with vested interest. This time the fabric was for HER project and not just another one of Mom's new ideas for a theme. She weighed a lot of options, but nothing was right until she spotted the Fairy Princess with floating Castles on clouds in different shades of pink! I had had a hunch, but I left it up to her.

I finished her blanket this weekend and we did a photo shoot with it. She plans to take it to her "school" this week to use during nap times. Maybe she will think about me while she is curled up under it and I am at work missing her...

Hope you enjoy! I have a current listing up in my Etsy shop. I always purchase enough fabric to make a few!