Sunday, September 27, 2009

Created my first Treasury!

I just created my first Etsy Treasury! It is a collection of items that are created by other Etsy sellers. All were inspired by different shades of the color teal blue. Many of the chosen items belong to Etsy sellers who are friends, or are people I have gotten to know since joining the Etsy community. This treasury list will be up for the next couple days. Please take a look and let me know what you think!

"Teal Treasure"

Thursday, September 24, 2009

First time in a Treasury!

So very excited! I made it into an Etsy treasury for the first time! A treasury is a collection that other etsians put together of thier favorite things, or items they really like.

This one was created by yarnabees. See her shop here...

Visit her treasury here for the next two days...

If you are an Etsy seller, find out if you are featured in a treasury at

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feeling Spoiled, Playing with new birthday toys!

I got some new crafty tools for my 30th Birthday! So happy to have such generous friends and family in my life!

I have been using my new quilters square and rotary cutter to cut out new fabric for Heather's HugEms blankets. Now I can make them a more exact size then before. It is so much faster and easier to cut out the fabric now! (I used to fold the fabric over and guess and use scissors!)

I was very surprised to recieve a CriCut Create paper cutting system! I had heard of them before, but never really let myself pay them much attention because I knew they were too expensive for me to purchase with my crafting budget! But, my family members got together and pooled thier money in my honor!

Here is my first CriCut project! I made white tags! I plan to decorate them and use them for my Etsy store packaging and for Craft Show price tags! I have a tag punch, but it is 1.5" wide. With the CriCut I can select the tag shape and set the size! I set these tags to be 3" wide. It also cut the hole punch and centers it!

To all my friends who are nearby... bring over some paper and we'll cut some stuff out!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Working on a new Etsy Avatar!

My sister is home from Chicago! She is my personal photographer (she does all the pics of the kiddos for me, plus family portraits). I have begged her to come over today and take new pictures of me for my avatar. I will post the results later. (View her website portfolio at

Here are some tips for avatars that I have learned spending time in the Etsy online virtual labs...

-Close up
-High contrast
-Bright colors
-Showcase product (must be currently listed in your shop_
-Showcase media, medium, supplies, tools
-Be a self portrait (people like to see the people behind the names)

Here are some links to some of my favorite Etsy Avatars...

Here are the results! I like how it turned out. It is over exposed on purpose. What do you think?
P.S. The jewelry that I am wearing in my picture are from an Etsy seller friend! I worked on her Etsy shop decorations and in trade she made me custom jewelry! Check out her shop here...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Planning Ahead: First Craft Show

Looking at the calendar and wanting to attempt my first ever craft show sometime in October or November. I have a few friends who are willing to split a table with me while we learn the ropes. Here is a list of things I have learned after doing research in the Etsy Forums and Chat rooms. Feel free to read it and gather tips you might want to put to use... or add to it! Share your advice!

-Make pricing clear and easy to read
-Hand out bussiness cards
-Guestbook or Raffle to collect contact information for newsletters or mailings
-Portfolio of other work
-Form to take custom orders (this one is my idea!)
-Clear shopping bags so that other shoppers can see my items that others have purchased
-Offer gift packaging
-Bring your own food and drinks
-Have a booth buddy so that you can use the restroom
-Wear something that makes you look like you are not just a shopper that snuck behind the table, an apron, nametag, logo tshirt
-Prices in amounts that are easy to make change from
-Table covers, skirts, and banners
-Displays that allow shoppers to see the items well and touch if needed, inviting
-Practice the display at home so that you know how long it will take to set up and you can make adjustments
-Take pictures of your booth
-Get to know the other crafters at the show
-Use a reciept book
-Bring as many items as you can, if it is too much to set out keep extra in a bin under the table
-Bring projects to work on while you are there behind the booth, let shoppers see a work in progress
-SMILE and be polite and sociable, but don't hover
-Take notes for the next show

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Playing around with my Blog

Adding colors, adding features and gadgets and text- oh my! After I feel like I have played around with it enough I will start inviting people to see it! Then I won't be just talking to myself anymore! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Learning to Blog!

This is HeatherJaneDesign! I am an etsy shop owner who is creating my first blog. I am learning that... I have a lot to learn! :)