Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feeling Spoiled, Playing with new birthday toys!

I got some new crafty tools for my 30th Birthday! So happy to have such generous friends and family in my life!

I have been using my new quilters square and rotary cutter to cut out new fabric for Heather's HugEms blankets. Now I can make them a more exact size then before. It is so much faster and easier to cut out the fabric now! (I used to fold the fabric over and guess and use scissors!)

I was very surprised to recieve a CriCut Create paper cutting system! I had heard of them before, but never really let myself pay them much attention because I knew they were too expensive for me to purchase with my crafting budget! But, my family members got together and pooled thier money in my honor!

Here is my first CriCut project! I made white tags! I plan to decorate them and use them for my Etsy store packaging and for Craft Show price tags! I have a tag punch, but it is 1.5" wide. With the CriCut I can select the tag shape and set the size! I set these tags to be 3" wide. It also cut the hole punch and centers it!

To all my friends who are nearby... bring over some paper and we'll cut some stuff out!

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