Saturday, March 30, 2013

Buzz and Bumble: Scrapbook Layout #1

It's Spring! Snow is melting! What better way to embrace this excitement then to unveil my latest pages made with the "Buzz and Bumble" Workshop On The Go Kit from Close To My Heart!

I LOVE this kit! The natural colors, earth tones, and pops of yellow and orange scream to me! I also happen to be a sucker for bees and honeycombs! This layout design (sketch) is the one featured on the kit. I don't ALWAYS follow them, but THIS one I fell in love with. The layout is also in the "Make It From Your Heart- Volume One" pattern book. If you follow my classes we used this layout with our Dakota kit!

I love this embellishment and handmade accent cluster! Gems, hand-stamped and colored flowers, Seed packet, and faux wax seal! "Bee Yourself" is a great sentiment!

Another embellishment cluster! The tiny wooden flower shapes that come with the accessory pack in this kit are adorable! The gems fit nicely in the centers of them to add extra details! If you are taking this class with me in April be ready to stamp and hand-trim! :)

Paper cluster made from various patterns and pennant sizes!

Hope you like this layout! If you LOVE it make sure you join us for class on FRIDAY April 19th! I will show you how! Contact me if you need more details!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Craft Room Organizing: Dump, Purge, FIND!

I have started the work of dumping and purging my craft supplies that have been in storage totes for a few years now! I'm dumping out bins, sorting through what to keep, and making a pile of things to sell or dontate or gift. The best part so far has been finding lost treasure!

I found this long lost handmade stamp! I made this in 1992! (21 years ago. I was 12). I cut it with an exacto in an Eraser. One of many projects I made with my Dad, who has always had the super power of stopping what he was doing to make things with us!

Also re-discovered is this old Barbie shoe that I like to use to stamp high heel foot prints across my envelopes, cards, or scrap pages!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Dream Craft Room- The wait

My future Craft Room after construction. Started as an unfinished basement!
I think every crafter dreams for a space of their own to set up shop and keep tools at arms length. I know I have dreamed of it for years! I never thought it would REALLY manifest though. It seemed one of those day dream things that are all fantasy. I am so excited to reveal that my dream is about to be REAL! I have the hard work, know how, and love of my Husband to thank! In a matter of weeks I will finally be moving into the space we have plotted, brainstormed, and spent tedious hours preparing!

This is me in my current work space. My KITCHEN!
So, this is post is to show you where I paper craft now and some BEFORE photos so I can see how far I have come when I am done organizing and moving into my room. (And because I need an outlet for the excitement of moving day being so close I can taste it yet I have to find patience!!)

Heap of items being saved for the Craft Room some from high-school!

More things I have been saving. Dresser and Armoire will move to the Craft Room.
These heaps of storage will soon be dumped and purged and piled into Keep, Sell, Belongs Elsewhere, For the Kids, and whatever else I find! :) Its slightly embarrassing to share this, but I am being honest about where I am starting. One day I will proudly show you where I went with it!

What are your tips for sorting, purging, and organizing?


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Love Your Layout: March 2013

Learn some clever tricks to use in your digital scrap-booking in only moments of watching this informative video! It's so easy!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Wedding Album: My Grandma

My Husband I will be celebrating 10 years of "Wedded Bliss" very soon! It has lit a renewed fire in me to work on our Wedding Scrapbook Album. I turn to my "Sonoma" Paper Packs because my Wedding Colors were Purple and Purple and some Green. :)

So I dug in my heels and just got started. It didn't matter where, just simply to begin somewhere. I sought out inspiration and found this sketch challenge at "Let's Scrap". (3-13-13) It was the perfect jumping off point. I created a 2 page layout to celebrate that my Grandma was able to be at my Wedding as a guest of honor! I cherish these photos!

My Sonoma Stickease Compliments with purple flowers worked great to recreate the cluster of embellishments on the Right Hand side of the Right Hand Page.

Where a ribbon bow was suggested I created a paper version using my Cricut Artiste Cartridge. Then I added glitter gel to the edges.

Hope you enjoyed stopping in to see my Wedding Album get started! What advice would you share to someone getting started on a Wedding Album? What pages should not be over looked? I'd love to hear what you have learned working on your own.


Later Sk8R Layout #4

The "Later Sk8R" Workshop on the Go Kit from Close To My Heart is so much fun to work with I had to make a 4th 2 page layout with it!

This is a 2nd Camping themed scrapbook layout I have made with this kit. Camping did not originally come to mind when I saw the kit, but I am both surprised and loving how the pictures pointed out that they belonged with it.

The pattern that I used on these pages is from the "Make It From Your Heart" Vol 1 book, page 34. I changed it slightly by making the photo spaces larger (taller). I am very happy with how it came out.  The paper sections allow for texture, movement, and detail. The photo spaces are large enough to tell a story, but also motivate me to edit my photos and seek out the most important elements.

I love the sentiments on the zip strips and how fast and easy they are to add to a page! I lined them up with the edges of my patterned paper and then let them hang off the other side. I accented them with the blue and green epoxy bubbles.

Thanks for checking in to peak at what I have been working on!


Later Sk8R Layout #3

I have had so much fun working with the Later Sk8R workshop on the go kit from Close To My Heart!  Here is my third layout! This layout was dreamt up by two of my friends and myself. We were inspired by the Magic How To Book pattern called "On With The Show" (page 62).

We used the Artiste Cricut Cartridge to cut a large gear shape to use as our circular accent. (Mine was set to 11" and I cut it into quarters).

I am in LOVE with the "Tiny Type Epoxy Alphabet" adhesive letters (only $5.95!). It is so easy to add a subtitle that gives a page added detail and a finished polished look!

I also like the way that the stars and gears from the accessory packet pop. They are a good thickness to add dimension, shadow, and depth- but not so thick that they will warp your pages and make your book bulge. I prefer low profile accents myself and these pass my test.

I can't wait to get a few photos from my Son's classroom teacher and add them to this layout! I will have to check back when I do that and provide an updated photo for you!

Hope you had fun checking in to see what I have been working on! Go forth and "Play Hard!"


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shamrock Cards!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today is the perfect day to share some Irish themed cards I created and sold to a friend at work! She has been enjoying the long lost art of writing hand penned messages in the cards and mailing them to her loved ones.

I challenged myself to not just run and use bright green on all of the cards. I wanted them to have more thought and style to them.

Purple went well with Green. So, then I tried keeping the theme but using yellow and brown!

My 4th card was customized with a saying the was requested with special meaning.

Supply List: 
*Sonoma Paper- CTMH
*Victory Paper- CTMH

*Dakota Paper- Woodgrain - CTMH
*Garden Green Ink Pad -CTMH