Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Dream Craft Room- The wait

My future Craft Room after construction. Started as an unfinished basement!
I think every crafter dreams for a space of their own to set up shop and keep tools at arms length. I know I have dreamed of it for years! I never thought it would REALLY manifest though. It seemed one of those day dream things that are all fantasy. I am so excited to reveal that my dream is about to be REAL! I have the hard work, know how, and love of my Husband to thank! In a matter of weeks I will finally be moving into the space we have plotted, brainstormed, and spent tedious hours preparing!

This is me in my current work space. My KITCHEN!
So, this is post is to show you where I paper craft now and some BEFORE photos so I can see how far I have come when I am done organizing and moving into my room. (And because I need an outlet for the excitement of moving day being so close I can taste it yet I have to find patience!!)

Heap of items being saved for the Craft Room some from high-school!

More things I have been saving. Dresser and Armoire will move to the Craft Room.
These heaps of storage will soon be dumped and purged and piled into Keep, Sell, Belongs Elsewhere, For the Kids, and whatever else I find! :) Its slightly embarrassing to share this, but I am being honest about where I am starting. One day I will proudly show you where I went with it!

What are your tips for sorting, purging, and organizing?


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