Monday, March 25, 2013

Craft Room Organizing: Dump, Purge, FIND!

I have started the work of dumping and purging my craft supplies that have been in storage totes for a few years now! I'm dumping out bins, sorting through what to keep, and making a pile of things to sell or dontate or gift. The best part so far has been finding lost treasure!

I found this long lost handmade stamp! I made this in 1992! (21 years ago. I was 12). I cut it with an exacto in an Eraser. One of many projects I made with my Dad, who has always had the super power of stopping what he was doing to make things with us!

Also re-discovered is this old Barbie shoe that I like to use to stamp high heel foot prints across my envelopes, cards, or scrap pages!

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