Sunday, September 23, 2012

Here Comes Dakota!

The Dakota scrap-booking workshop is fast approaching! Yeehaw! It is going to be a paper-scooting good time! This was the first kit from the new book that I had to get my hands on. Then once I cut into it I made all these designs in one night!

If you are planning to attend please notice that I have labeled each photo with the layout number in the order we will create and suggested photo sizes if you would like to print and prepare photos ahead of time. The cutting guides will be provided with your kits when they arrive or emailed as a pdf. You will be going home with some amazing pages!

Layout #1: V 5x7, 3 H 3x4, 2 V 3x4
Layout #2: H 5x7, 3 V 3x5
Layout #3: 4 V 3x4, 3 Sq 3x3
Layout #4: V 5x7, 1 V 4x6, 1 H 4x6, 2 Sq 3x3
Remember that it is the foil stickers that make these layouts MORE country. If subtle country is more your think, then your pages will look just as fabulous without the stickers. But, if you want to go a little more over the top and embrace your inner cowgirl the foil stickers are just the trick!

Please bring: Adhesive, Piercing Tool, Tweezers. The rest of the supplies are in your kit or are provided by myself.

If you have not yet attended one of my classes and you would like to know more just send me a message! (heatherjanedesign at gmail dot com)

See you soon!


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