Thursday, July 21, 2011

Color Dare Entry, Pear, Goldrush, and Chocolate

I just found a new blog that posts a new "Color Dare" on each Tuesday! So, this week I am taking part in it! I had so much fun creating this! Let me know what you think of my entry.

I made a little pun of the presence of the color Pear, and used the stamp "Pearfect" as my header! :) To create the Pear itself I used all three shades of ink. I stamped the pear in PEAR first. Then I cleaned the stamp and switched colors to GOLDRUSH. I inked just the stem and one side of the pear that I was pretending was "farthest from the imaginary light source". I inked the goldrush color across just less them half the stamp. Because my stamp set is clear I can see right through it and line up exactly where I want to stamp, so I layered the goldrush right on the pear ink. Then I cleaned the stamp and switched the CHOCOLATE. I inked up only the stem and a thin edge of the stamp. I then looked through my stamp and layered it again.

This is what is so exciting and fun about owning CLEAR stamps from Close to my Heart. Being able to see exactly where I am placing my ink gives me more control and more design techniques and options!

If you want to participate next week, check out this blog on Tuesday to see what the NEW "Color Dare" is!


  1. Your card is beautiful! I have yet to play with that stamp set. Hopefully next month after the craziness of this month slows up for me. Diana S. has a couple of amazing blog challenges. I'm glad you got to participate.

    You make it hard for me to resist getting my Mayberry stuff out again. :)

  2. Beautiful card! Love the colors on the pear!! Thanks for playing along!!

  3. Your pear looks FANTASTIC!!!! I never think to add dimension to my cards in that way. What a smarty you are! :)

  4. FLEUR, I am so excited to see your comment on my blog! Just visited you blog and started following. You also create things that look "FANTASTIC"! Thank you for the compliment!