Friday, September 23, 2011

FanFare 1 Page How-to Class

I created this scrap book page for a class that I am teaching Friday night at a local church's Ladies Night event. I wanted to share it with you, because even if you cannot attend the class, you can follow this recipe to see how I did it- and then make your very own.

I selected the paper pack called "Fanfare" because it is a great theme for us to scrapbook some of those photos we took this past summer. Maybe 4th of July, a parade, pool photos, etc? Also, the colors are suitable for a boy or a girl, man or woman!

List of Supplies used:
- White Card Stock as Base 12x12 (#1385 White Daisy 24 sheets, $9.50)
- Fanfare red B&T due paper cut to 4x12 (Fanfare Kit)
- Fanfare star B&T duo paper cut to 5x10
- Pacifica Blue Card Stock Border: Use Art Philosophy Cartridge set at 1 3/4" and use button settings:
  Font/Shift/Ticket-Arrow (bottom row)
- Cranberry Red Card Stock cut to 4 1/2 " x 6 1/2" x 2 (these are the mats for your 2 4x6 photos- no
   photo trimming required)
- White Card Stock Stars: Use Art Philosophy Cartridge set at 2 1/4" and use button settings: "Star 3"
   Shift button is 5 across 3rd down, this will match your star stamp perfectly
- Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge (#Z1686 $99.00)
- Sunny Yellow Ink Pad (#Z2152, $5.25)
- Glue Pen (#Z553, $4.50)
- Prisma Glitter (#Z134, $4.25)
- Craft Tray (#1764, $7.95)
- Cranberry Red brad x1 (#Z1361, $4.95)
- Piercing tool (#Z1114, $5.95)
- Micro-Tip Scissors (#Z534, $9.95)

Step-by-Step Guide:
1)      Glue the red 4x12 paper vertically along the RIGHT edge of your white card stock base
2)      Glue the star 5x10 paper horizontally along the BOTTOM edge and LEFT edge of your white card stock base
3)      Glue the blue scallop border along the top edge of the star paper. Line up at the corner. Scissor trim any extra along the left side of the card stock base
4)      Stamp star shapes with Yellow Ink and let dry. Line up star stamp with the center of the white card stock star cut out
5)      (set up glitter station) Use the glue pen to highlight areas of the star you would like to glitter. On the example all of the yellow was glued in, but you make make dots or glue the edge- up to you. NOTE: The glue will appear blue until it is dry. Will dry clear.
6)      Set wet glued star face up inside the craft tray and sprinkle with prisma glitter, shake off excess, tap or biff your star while holding it over the glitter tray (all access glitter will be returned to the glitter jar and used again) [Repeat 5 and 6 until you have 3 stars]
7)      Glue your three stars to the right red area of your scrap book page. You can group them closely or spread them out and turn them to slightly different angles
8)      BE CAREFUL! Use piercing tool to create a hole for your cranberry brad at the corner where your blue border and star paper meet. Place the foam under your paper. Press piercing tool through the paper. The tool is very sharp and WILL stab through the foam if you push hard enough. Be sure to do this on the table and NOT your lap! Place your brad.
9) Personalize with your 4x6 Horizontal Photos! Display proudly in your Scrap-Book Album!

***Repeat this page in mirror image to make this into a two page layout if you like.

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