Monday, September 12, 2011

I LOVE Thirty-One Products

Thirty-One: All-in-One Organizer holds CTMH stamp sets perfectly!
I "LOVE" Thirty-One Products! What is not to love about purses, bags, luggage, containers and organizers!? So, when I found out my friend Jessica was going to sign up to be a Consultant I was so excited! Now that I am in direct sales with my Close to my Heart business, I have even more desire to support my friends in their endeavors too! It is my way of helping them out a bit, while also "buying local". I will probably do a fair share of my gift shopping this year with my direct selling friends!

If you want to see all the new things that "Thirty-One Gifts" has in the new catalog, please view Jessica's website online here! She is currently holding a catalog party, so let her know if you need anything! (I would LOVE to surprise her with some orders). If you are like me and you take a look at the catalog and feel yourself saying "I want it all", then you may want to consider hosting a home party with her for your and your friends. As the hostess you will be able to earn special items for FREE and discounted prices!

Jessica is a great Consultant choice. She is excited about the products and very professional and organized. She really takes care of her hostesses!

I want to share a brief review of my favorite items that I have owned and tried and tested for a while now.

First, is the "All-in-one Organizer". (Page 36 of the online catalog) I get very, very, excited about products that seem to be "made for" an item I needed a home for desperately. THIS is just such a bag. I discovered that my Close to my Heart Stamp pads fit into this bag perfectly! I have 27 in mine! You can fit 25-30 stamp sets in this bag, depending on how loose or tight you prefer your finger space to be as you put them in and out. The ends of the bag have mesh pockets that are perfect for small embellishment packs such as buttons, twine, brads, and pens.

Second, is the "Fold-and-Go Organizer with Notepad". (Page 44 of the online catalog) I also get very, very, excited when I find a product that has a solution to something in my life that has long needed an organizational makeover. When it comes to my shopping lists and coupon cutting THIS is IT! I will look no further! It folds open to reveal the notepad are for list making (a hobby of mine). I use the pocket on the inside of the left flap to hold a pocket sized photo album. I sort my grocery coupons into the clear pages that I have labeled for different areas of the store; frozen, canned, paper goods... The photo album fits perfectly into the pocket. Then on the inside of the right flap is an elastic pocket. I use this area for a calculator, coupons I have clipped that need to be sorted, AND a place to collect the coupons I use as I am shopping. It fits just right into the front of the cart, where I can read it and reach it easily. This system is perfect for me.

I hope some of the ideas and products I have mentioned here can inspire YOU to conquer any organizational challenges you are working to solve in your life!

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  1. I have some 31 bags, too. They are a great product, and very trendy.

    Happy Birthday, Miss Heather Jane! :)