Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I LOVE the Halloween Season! Not because of the evil (muwahahhaha), but more so the creativity that abounds! (and the candy is a plus!) Hehehe.

Halloween costumes are so much fun! They are even more fun when my work has a costume contest, complete with great prizes! I have placed high enough to earn prizes in the past. (an 8 months pregnant "Juno" when I was pregnant with my son, a Bubble Bath, and an Angel/Devil). This year I wanted to be a bit funny and go with something that reflected on an event of this year that many would recognize, and those who did not would be talking... :)

Does anyone remember the Royal Wedding? (ha!) There was a certain Royal Cousin (Princess Beatrice) in attendance with a VERY attention demanding hat upon her head. It made HEADlines! I was able to recreate her hat. Her hat cost more them $130K, mine was about $5 with some felt, hot glue, floral ring, and foam. Here they are side by side.

The hat DOES defy gravity, I will give it that. But I'm not sure that the trend of dressing head to toe in skin color is a good idea for anyone. I do not recommend it. One might be mistaken for being naked when seen from afar.

Let me know what you think! Happy Trick-or-treating! (insert Royal wave here)

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