Sunday, January 1, 2012

Get Crafty-Organized! Clip-it-up Mini!

I can't wait to share this craft organizing tool with you! I have wasted a lot of my valuable crafting time searching for embellishments I KNEW I had, but could not locate. I would search all my craft stash places, the kids toy boxes (in case they had been smuggled away), and the latest pile that was made picking up... Very frustrating to not find what I was looking for.

So I set out on the web in search of a solution that I knew I would use and would be the best scenario possible to avoid future time loss. I found lots of craft room tours, which I drooled over, while waiting to hear thier best found solutions for storing embellishments... Here is the one I hear the most...

The "Clip-it-up"! It is like a miniature clothing wrack that spins, only instead of the latest fashions, you can set it on your desk or counter space and store your entire collection of embellishments. Each item gets its own clip. So when you spin through your items and find the one you are looking for you simply un-clip it, then when you are done you put it back in the same spot. The "clip-it-up Mini" is the perfect size for hanging up all those small sticker packs, flats of sparkles, ribbon in bags, and my favorite- Mini-Medley variety packs from Close to my Heart.

Carry it by the handle on the top.
Spin it so that the section you want to look at is in view.

I am so excited to own this item now and have it loaded with my supplies. It is so simple to use! So, if you are out there looking for a great solution for organizing your embellishments, I hope that this post helps you. Please know that I was not paid by this company to mention it. I am simply just genuinely excited about the product and had to share.


  1. Where can I find one of these? Would be so much better than my storage basket!

  2. I found the best deal at Scrapbook Warehouse! Plus, it got here pretty fast! Very impressed.