Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Gift: Hand Tracing Frame!

Happy Father's Day to all those celebrating the amazing Dad's in their life!

I love to create handmade gifts whenever possible. I found the idea for this on Pinterest and I just HAD to make one for my family! It felt like a perfect fit to give it as a gift to my Husband for Father's day from me and our growing children.

This was pretty simple to make! The hardest part was being sneaky about getting my Husband's hand traced. :) I got the kids started tracing hands on a morning when Daddy was home... they eventually naturally asked Dad to take a turn. I made sure to keep track of that paper and stash it away for later. Then I transfered it to my cardstock once I selected the colors I would use.

Once I had everyone's hand traced and transferred to the card stock I wanted to use I simply trimmed them to shape and layered them on each other from smallest to largest.

I did the boys in grey wool, my daughter in petal, and myself in gypsy.

I added a sentiment at the top as a title. I used my Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge to cut the shape that allowed me to add ribbon holders to the sides. I used my stamp set "Family Love".

Let me know what you think! What special things are you doing for Father's Day?

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  1. Heather Jane, this is so sweet. What a great idea! Happy Father's Day to your husband. Hope your weekend has been wonderful.