Sunday, July 28, 2013

Surf's Up! Layout #3!

Surf's Up! Layout #3! Summer time is a fun theme to work with! Especially when it gives you a good excuse to tear some paper.

Torn paper is one of my favorite ways to show sand and beach landscapes! With Close To MY Heart the cardstocks have a white core. When you tear with it you can make the white core show and add depth to your layering.

The stamp set that comes with the kit was perfect for placing some footprints in the sand, as well a creating a beachy type sign. To create the sign I used chocolate ink and stamped the full stamp on chocolate card stock and again onto the crosshatch patterned paper. Then simply trim the sign itself and layer it onto the trimmed chocolate base.

  • Surf's Up! Workshop On The Go Kit
  • Chocolate Ink
  • Lagoon Base
  • The bravery it takes to tear your cardstock!

Hope you like it!


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